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This website is brought to you by private San Diego citizens (La Playa Heritage) in order to preserve numerous document produced by the Office of the City Attorney from 2005 to 2008.

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Welcome to the San Diego City Attorney Website.

Documents published by Mr. Aguirre including Interim Reports and Reports to the City Council can be found at this website.


Should you experience difficulty accessing these documents and would like to request the documents in an alternate format, contact the Office of the City Attorney Reception Desk at (619) 236-6220. Fees for copies are twenty-five-cents per page.


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Aguirre, Morris & Severson LLP

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San Diego, California 92101

Telephone 619-876-5364
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The National Center for Regulatory Reform  is a Citizens Group organized in San Diego, California. San Diego was found to have engaged in the largest municipal securities in American history in 2006. The failure of the regulatory system to restrain the practices or punish those responsible led to widespread belief that basic reforms are needed in our state and federal regulatory system.





The National Center For Regulatory Reform
444 West C Street, Suite 210, San Diego California 92101
Info: 619-542-1945
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